“Experienced fencers” - including visitors


If you are an 'experienced' fencer (not necessarily very experienced!) of any age group and wish to join or visit (so, no need for a beginners' course) you're welcome at any time.

You do need to have current British Fencing membership (or other NGB), before you start fencing. This is FREE for the first 90 days, if you haven't previously been a member so no additional cost is involved.

See the British Fencing website and select "Starter & Supporter" from the membership options given.

If you have previously been a member at a higher level, sorry, but you will have to renew. Unless you're intending to jump straight back into competition, you can select "Recreational." Note that if it is over 12 months since your membership lapsed, you will need to PHONE BF, in order to start the re-joining process.

By the way, even if it's a zillion years since you fenced and it was only on a beginners' course somewhere, you probably still don't need to do one again.
We're happy to discuss what you need to do get back into fencing.

By e-mail:

For all enquiries: stourbridgefencingclub@outlook.com



Chairman - Peter Baron
by phone: 01384 400242

by post:     P. Baron, 1 Sandringham Road, STOURBRIDGE, DY8 5HN