October 2019

At the Veterans' World Championships, in Cairo, Petr baron received two certificates from the FIE. The first was to mark his 15th participation in a World Veterans' Championships (achieved the previous year). The second was rather belated - a replacement one to mark his 10th participation, the original never having made it to him.

Sadly there was less to celebrate about the actual fencing in Cairo. 


May 2019

Club Chairman, Peter Baron, added to his collection of World & European championship medals with silver at the European Veterans' Championships in Cognac, France.

Cognac 19 medal.jpg

Closed for Xmas
Restart for all (including Under 13s) 6th January 2022

Closed for summer
Restart for all (including Under 13s) 9th September
We look forward to welcoming back our juniors who have had to be very patient, and who will not have been able to fence for almost 18 months.
There will be opportunities to start fencing on or shortly after that date.
We have a large number of applicants from Under 13s to join in September so will be running a taster for beginners on 9th, with the existing members starting back on the 16th. 
We have potentially enough to start a senior class but are still accepting applications
from both juniors and seniors (13+)
See the beginners' pages for details of how to contact us for information or to apply.

Club restarted 20th May

Initially we are only able to open for 'seniors' - teenage members and adults.

We close for the summer break after our session on 29th July.

We shall be offering openings for beginners from September, when we look forward to welcoming back our junior members.

For more details, please email the club: stourbridgefencingclub@outlook.com



Notice is given that the Club will hold its AGM on
Thursday, 3rd December at 7.30 p.m.

Official Notice & details HERE


All members of the committee are willing to stand for re-election.

The committee has important announcements to make.

The committee will be proposing a minor amendment to the constitution to allow for changed circumstances, both temporary & long term.


Obviously, because of Covid, we are still be shut down until further notice. However, assuming the emergency situation improves sufficiently, we are looking at re-opening shortly after New Year.
We have a number of enquiries about taking up the sport during the closure and still welcome such requests. 

We hope to be in a position to offer opportunities to take up fencing soon after we do restart.

Email us if you wish to have your name added to our beginners' list.

Please look out for announcements here, on Twitter and on our Facebook Pages

if you're interested in joining


&, if you are member



After the disappointment of 'only' coming 3rd in his age group and 33rd overall out of 53 competitors in the BVF National Championships, Peter Baron, together with his wife Janet attended the event dinner. There they were surprised by the award of a glass plaque in respect of "outstanding service to BVF". Whilst Peter was on the BVF committee for 8 years and was the initiator and named organiser of the BVF West Midlands Open for 10 years, it was recognised that it was a joint undertaking with Janet and recognised the work both had done in other ways for the organisation over some 30 years as members of the NVA, which became the BVF.