Credit: London 2012 Olympics


"Dynamic", "Exciting", "Dramatic", "Exhilerating", "Like chess on wheels" 
... just some of the things people say about the sport

We hope that you're convinced it's the sport for you!


Whilst we hope that you have come to this page because you think Stourbridge Fencing Club might be the right place for you to try fencing, we'll start off with some general information about how to start in the sport. 

All you need to bring with you is a pair of trainers and to wear something suitable like a T-shirt and trousers or tracksuit. Oh, and as it's a more exhausting sport than many imagine, you might want a drink and a towel!

The sport has seen a huge increase in popularity recently and Stourbridge Fencing Club has been very successful in recruitment over the last few years, running beginners' courses with increasing frequency to meet demand. The date of the next course will be posted on the course page whenever there is one imminent.


Starting Fencing - with SFC

The club welcomes both experienced fencers and beginners and runs introductory courses at various times, usually at the start of school terms. Sometimes we will suggest that they wait until the next beginners' course.

If you want to give one-off session as a gift, it should be possible to arrange. For a small fee we will provide a "gift voucher" and a certificate of completion of the course as a souvenir of the session.

We would like you to try this exhilarating sport with us. 

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Credit: London 2012 Olympics