Juniors - footwork exercise

There are two possibilities for joining the club

Please Note: Information about venues & times are under consideration and may change.
The information given here is as was the case prior to having to close.

At the upcoming AGM, the committee will be recommending no change to subscription fees.


We run beginners' courses. These are usually held at the beginning of school terms, accordng to demand. 
A good way of learning about the sport AND making new friends, who are equally new to it, at the same time!

They are run on our usual club night, Thursday and you will quickly integrate with other club members.

These normally run for 4 sessions at very moderate prices. 

Following the course, which covers all the basics needed to be able to enjoy sparring with other club members. We hope then that you will continue to enjoy the sport as a club member. If so, you course will have covered you annual membership fee for that year. You will then only pay the appropriate session fee. Further development will continue with group and/or individual lessons depending on circumstances.


When there is no course imminent or there have been insufficient applicants for one, we may, where convenient offer taster sessions. These cost £10.00. If you decide to continue, you will follow a similar pattern of further development to those who do a full beginners' course.


We normally start beginners off with foil, but, if there is sufficient reason to start with either of the other weapons then that can be arranged. Once over the initial beginner stage, you are welcome to try the other weapons to see which you prefer. (Some people get equally good at all 3!) 

To enquire about starting to fence

 Contact by:

a)      e-mail 

b) phone 01384 400242 (answerphone available).



This varies according to length Under 18's receive a discount. The standard fee is £40 for the introductory 

4 session course. The fee covers all training and use of equipment.




Course details: Initially sessions will be approximately 1 3/4 hours long, led by one of the Club's well-qualified coaches.


You are required to join the National Governing Body, British Fencing, before you start fencing. This is FREE for the first 90 days, so no additional cost is involved.

See the British Fencing website and select "Starter" from the membership options given 

The cost of the course does not include BF membership nor does club membership.

Payment for the course fee can be by BACS transfer, CASH OR CHEQUE made payable to STOURBRIDGE FENCING CLUB

At the end of the session those legally entitled are welcome to join the regulars at the pub (currently in variable locations) and get to know us.




What do I need?

Apart from a bit of determination, some energy and a willingness to enjoy yourself, you need.

suitable LONG trousers (track/jogging suit, jeans, leggings, etc.).

T-shirt or similar top, (i.e. preferably without a collar).

pumps or trainers designed for indoor use ( Non marking soles).


All specialist equipment required for the course is provided at no extra charge.


General information

The following information will give you an idea what to expect of the course and what you require.


4-6 weeks.This varies from course to course depending on circumstances. The duration of each course is, however, fixed in advance.


Following the successful introduction of Go/Fence plastic kit for the course we intend running the first couple of sessions using that, followed by an introducing to "real" metal fencing.

Pedmore High School Grange Lane, Stourbridge DY9 7HS, UK

01384 400242

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